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Clash Royale Update and Balance Changes

Clash Royale Update and Balance Changes

Everything about Clash Royale balance changes and updates!

Clash Royale Balance Changes and Update

Clash Royale Update
Clash Royale Update

Are you stuck in Arena 4? Would you like to use a funny and unusual deck? Give this guide a look!

Hi guys, today I'm going to show you a pretty cool deck that I used back in Arena 4, that helped me reaching Arena 5.
This deck is based on trying to spawn the most spear goblins possible and to protect them with the Giant, but let's take a closer look!


Giant:One of the best tanks in the game and one of the first cards you unlock. His job is tanking, letting the spear goblins soak an insane amount of damage to the tower.

Goblin Hut: It's the winning condition of this deck. It constantly spawns spear goblins.

Spear Goblins: very versatile card, you can use it for adding 3 members at the army of goblins, for defending or for doing cheap damage yo the opponent's tower.

Minion Horde: a very powerful card, but with high risks. Use it for defence or for attacks when the opponent's arrows are out of rotation. Can be replaced with 3 elixir minions, but they are less effective.

Barbarians: One of the best defensive cards in the game. Use them only for defense. Can be replaced with skeleton army, but skeletons are weak to arrows and zap.

Goblins (or 1 elixir Skeletons):use them for defence support or gor cycling your cards.

Arrows: use this powerful spell to take care of swarms (replaceable with zap, but in Arena 5 and higher this deck isn't so strong anymore)

Fireball:Useful for dealing with Barbarians, musketeer, wizard and also swarms. You can use it for destroying a tower with less HP.


Put your goblin hut down at the beginning of the match, behind your tower.

When you're at 10 elixir put your Giant at the back of your King Tower and Spear Goblins behind him. With the Goblin Hut a Swarm of Goblins will be generated and often your opponent will be in panic.

If he uses the arrows on the Goblins and you know he doesn't have nothing to counter you with you can try to push the other lane with minion horde (or skeleton army).

Sadly this deck struggles a lot facing Valkirie and Bomb Tower.


That's it for this guide! Feel free to comment if you have sone doubts and Good Luck using this Deck!

Source: http://clashroyalearena.com/news/clash-royale-updates

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