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Clash Royale Update and Balance Changes

Clash Royale Update and Balance Changes

Everything about Clash Royale balance changes and updates!

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  • Clash Royale Balance Changes and Update

    09 August 2016 ( #Updates )

    Are you stuck in Arena 4? Would you like to use a funny and unusual deck? Give this guide a look! Hi guys, today I'm going to show you a pretty cool deck that I used back in Arena 4, that helped me reaching Arena 5. This deck is based on trying to spawn...

  • Best Tips for New Players

    29 August 2016 ( #Game Tips )

    Ahoy! myself Karan. i got this deck at arena 5 and it helped me to go to royal arena. this deck contains:- NO.1) The P.E.K.K.A- it is the tank which i use to deploy firstly and it is my favorite as it damages a lot but beware that if archers deployed...