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Clash Royale Update and Balance Changes

Clash Royale Update and Balance Changes

Everything about Clash Royale balance changes and updates!

Best Tips for New Players

Ahoy! myself Karan. i got this deck at arena 5 and it helped me to go to royal arena. this deck contains:-

  1. NO.1) The P.E.K.K.A- it is the tank which i use to deploy firstly and it is my favorite as it damages a lot but beware that if archers deployed even at a far distance, it gets attracted to it.
  2. NO.2)Mini P.E.K.K.A- this is the twin brother of the p.e.k.k.a and both damage almost equally so that's why i call em twins.it can be also used in defending tanks.
  3. NO.3)Ice Wizard-it is the best and the rarest card can only be replaced by a wizard lvl6 and above cause it takes away a large number of group troops like barbarians, minion horde, skeleton army etc.It also slows down the tanks which are already very slow.
  4. NO.4)Zap- it is the best rated spell which kills the skeleton army and also makes the troops stunn so i call it as a stunner. It helps and gives time for the twins to recover their distractions.
  5. NO.5)-Fire spirits-these are small but damages a lot to group troops and also are very small and efficient.
  6. NO.6)Goblins-these small troops are very vulnerable but when they are layed behing the twins the do a devastating damage.
  7. NO.7)Goblin barrel-these three tiny troops surrounds the tower and if perfectly timed,they can do more damage than the twins.
  8. NO.8)Elixir Collector-this mine helps in givinng more food to the troops since the tank costs verry high elixir.(If don't have this then use any defensive building and try to start the battle after the elixir doubles i.e when the final 1 min is left).

The Strategy-Firstly deploy the collector to gain elixir more faster. Then depoy "The P.E.K.K.A" from behind the crown tower. When i passes the queen tower, drop the twin and just before it reaches the bridge, drop the ice wizard and fire spirits. Then collect the elixir and throw off goblins and goblin barrel. BANG!!!!!

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